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Robust Wireless Energy Transfer

The search for wireless power transfer techniques is as old as the invention of electricity. First proposed by Tesla, the field has undergone vast technological development during the 20th century till recent days. Established techniques for wireless energy transfer are known both in the near- and far-field coupling regimes. Although these techniques enable efficient energy transfer, they suffer either from the short-range interaction in the near-field, or from the requirement of line of sight in the far-field approaches.

In 2007, it was shown by a Prof. Soljecic’s group from MIT that weakly radiative wireless energy transfer between two identical classical resonant coils is possible with sufficiently high efficiency. This breakthrough was made possible by the application of the coupled mode theory into the realm of power transfer.

We have proposed a technique for wireless energy transfer for efficient and robust midrange wireless power transfer between two coils, by adapting the principles of rapid adiabatic passage of coherently driven two-state atoms to wireless energy transfer. This scheme can transfer energy between the coils, without being sensitive to any resonant constraints, noise and other interferences that exist in the neighborhood of the coils.

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